Essay about The Early Postclassical Era ( Religion )

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The Early Postclassical Era (Religion) Identifies many well-known religions that are still in place today, like Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism. These major religion, had influenced millions of individuals all over the globe. This piece of writing will give viable information’s about how and where some of these major religions started, and the geographic that they influenced. The Expansive Realm of Islam, Islam had a prophet named Mohammad who helped start the religion Islam, Muhammad was born in Mecca in 570 C.E. in his later years he did find himself a lady named Khadija who was a widow and came from a wealthy background. Muhammad lived from 570-632 C.E. In 622 C.E. The Islamic calendar began and soon after when prophet Muhammad had relocated to Medina. Moving forward to 630 C.E. when Muhammad and his supporters conquered Mecca and used the Ka’ba as their pilgrimage in 632 C.E. Moreover, the Quran became more than a religion, but they way of life. Many Islamic state used the Quran as guidance on how one should conduct themselves. “The diffusion of Islam could first be seen spread through military conquests, the expansion of Islam extended its political and cultural influence far beyond the boundaries of Arabia. In the process of expansion, they often brought useful crops to the regions such as India, Persia, southwest Asia, Arabia, Egypt, North Africa, Spain and the crops included sugar cane, rice, eggplants, bananas, cotton and many more.…

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