The Early Modern Era Helped Shaped The World Essay

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The early modern era helped shaped the world into what it is today. Empires rose and fell, and new advancements were made in intellectual and physical disciplines. Triangular trade however, provided the McGuffin that was needed to forge a new world order closer to the one of present day. Triangular trade did not only bring benefits; pitfalls were sandwiched in between the highpoints. Triangular trade in the early modern era brought political, economic, and cultural changes to the Old and New World.
The trade networks of the post-Columbian world altered the world political scope in terms of how governments would begin looking at expanding. In earlier eras, most empires grew from the capital outward in every-growing circles, with each expansion allowing the realm to grow evenly around the center of the society. The New World and its uncovering allowed uneven expansion and each nation wishing to expand the ability to grow far and wide over the entirety of the globe. Not only were the possibilities more open to expansion, but the Europeans also began finding reasons to increase their country’s territory. Their eyes saw the people of the Americas as inferior as evidenced in writing by Antonio Vazquez de Espinosa, “According to His Majesty’s warrant, the mine owners on this massive range have the right to the mita of 13,300 Indians…” (Doc. 5). Vazquez provides this accurate first hand account, and the result is quite telling. The King of Spain saw his country as more apt at every…

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