Essay about The Early Church And Persecutions

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Loundy Silkman
The Early Church and Persecutions For many years Christians and pagans coexisted until the emperor Trajan made Christianity illegal- a situation that stayed in effect for 100 years until the rule of Constantine. During the 100 year that Christianity was illegal people met underground in people’s apartments. These early builders of the Church had to meet in secret, yet they served as the cornerstone of Christian worship in Rome. Throughout this time many of the Christians’ arts were destroyed and burned, and some of their churches were burned to the ground. As things become more dire, Christians who refused to renounce their faith were captured and tortured to death.
Constantine and the Edict of Milan Years later Constantine became the emperor, but Christianity did not became legal until he experienced what be believed was a sign from God. Constantine’s mother- Helen- was a strong Christian, but her son the emperor was not a believer. One night before a big battle, Constantine was on the bridge of Angels, and he saw the sign of the Alpha and the Omega that promised him that he would win the battle the next day. He knew this was a sign was from God and that became a turning point for Constantine. He made Christianity legal again with the help of his mother Helen. Constantine built the first St. Peter’s church around 325 AD and the Popes lived there for 600 years. Constantine’s mother also had a big hand in…

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