The Earliest Of Civilization : The Middle Eastern Civilization

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The earliest of civilization begin around 3500 B.C.E in three places. One of the most important place was the Middle Eastern civilization in southern Mesopotamia. Sumerian civilization most likely was the first to give the world earliest written language. Which was used by officials to regard the gods by various temples. Near the Nile River valley there was a rise in Egyptian civil for pyramids and Pharaohs, as well as other civil. Known as, Nubian farther down the Nile. Unlike the city-states Sumerian, Egyptian civilization became a united territory in which citizens were less permanent. Though there was a lot of inequality of citizens as well during that time period. There were patriotic rulers and monarchy, who believed they had defined power over their followers making them a god in human form. Also people were kept as slaves to work if they were captured during war. There was no great innovates because of no major technical change. The basic economic and social patterns remanded the same. But what did change was that empires were growing much larger than the first wave. There were new focus on expanding of empire through conquest and wars. The rise of military power which was very important having a good navy and army made sure that you were protected. The famous code of Hummabria gives you a look into the social life of ancient Mesopotamia Hummabria was the ruler of the Babylonian Empire, which was in time gave a form of political unity to rival cities. Kingdoms of…

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