The Eames House And Farnsworth House Essay

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The Eames House and Farnsworth house do share common material and tectonic expression. They are constructed of similar materials and in somewhat similar fashions. Additionally, both forms are constructed in a fashion that allows them to be apart of its surrounding site. However, they do have divergences. They differ mainly in how they relate to their surroundings, and how their different constructions allow the surroundings to affect the forms. Additionally, tectonics and material expression are both still very important and relevant in modern day architecture, and there are many buildings that show this. The houses similarly share the concept of being of “skin and bones” design. They are both constructed of steel and glass materials, and due to this their structure is expressed in the exterior. In both houses, the vertical elements are the steal frame. Additionally, in the Eames House, the steel members that line the walls provide the structure of the house, as well they become the way the exterior elevations are organized. As well, both houses being constructed of steel and glass allow both forms to be part of the sites on which they are constructed. To further the feeling of the form being part of the site, both houses are built with open and fluid interiors, and both are constructed to bring the nature outside into the house. In the Eames house, the courtyard in the middle of the main house and the studio, as well as the overhangs, create this effect. Likewise in the…

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