Poem Analysis: Hotel California

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Eagles were one of the most successful and best-selling bands of the 1970’s. (Liscu, Jenny (January 20, 2000). "The Eagles: Twenty-Six Million Served". Rolling Stone.) Members of the group came from different parts of the United States to California, to pursue their passion in music. Their greatest and most successful album is called Hotel California. Eagles tried to bring up the dark truth under the shiny surface of their lives. Their message was mainly toward the younger audience who were seeking money and fame. Hotel California is known to be a warning to young people about drug addiction, but This is just a small theme in this poem. The main focus of this song is to warn the young audience about the false temptations in their lives, and …show more content…
Tiffany twisted, and she got the Mercedes bends are two creative combinations that the narrator uses to describe his desires. Tiffany is short for Tiffany & Co, which is an expensive jewelry brand, so being Tiffany twisted means being mentally crumpled with obsession with expensive material. The use of mercedes bends instead of benz, is also a creative combination suggested by Don Henley. He is suggesting that people are so obsessed with their expensive material that they don’t even care if it is hurting them, which in this case is getting compression sickness from driving super fast and expensive cars. The narrator portrays an image of pretty boys are dancing with “She” in the courtyard, “sweet summer sweat”(19). This represents that their sweat is from all the fun they are having in the summer, but he adds that “some dance to remember, some dance to forget” (20). This line tries to make the reader understand that even though at first they all look like they are having fun, some of them strongly regret the choices they made that got them there. One may argue that the people who are dancing to remember, are the new people in California, and the people who are dancing to forget, are the people who saw and experienced the darkness below the shiny facade of California. The next line can be analyzed in a couple of different ways. Our narrator calls up the captain who is the

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