The Dynamics That Are Involved When It Comes Leading A Team Essay

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Topic Overview
Unit D is focused on the dynamics that are involved when it comes to leading a team. This critique is geared toward the discussion of the sections relating to managing a team diplomatically and managing up. The quote “fit no stereotypes. Don’t chase the latest fads. The situation dictates which approach best accomplishes the team’s mission” (Powell, C) is a perfect reference to these topics. As a team leader, the word authority and/or power are limited when it comes to leading a team. Nevertheless, a leader has a responsibility to carry out among his or her team. In order to excel in managing a team, the leader must be good in persuasion and possess a diplomatic approach.
Effectively being a big part in the team’s functionality means that the leader must serve as an encourager, motivator, supporter and one that understands all members of the team. Butterfield (2011) offers useful tips that help leaders manage diplomatically. Factors that play a big role in the effectiveness involve maintaining a high visibility, avoiding “monkey” management, working through personal issues in a private and exclusive manner, avoiding opposing and criticizing team individuals’ ideas, and valuing and praising the efforts of your team rather than focusing on correcting them. Butterfield (2011) also notes great ways to manage tasks in a more subtle, but assertive way. This includes leaders describing the tasks at hand, monitoring the progress, enforcing the standards expected,…

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