The Dynamics Of Agriculture And The Methods Of Food Production

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The dynamics of agriculture and the methods of food production continue to evolve and change with the growing globalization of the world. Whereas, the small family farms once supplied the food necessities of the population, now the larger more industrialized operations take precedence over this domain. According to Hoppe (n.d.), the small family farms remain the leading component in the overall count of farms in the United States, as well as, accounting for approximately half of the farmland, however, the majority of the agricultural production remains the domain of the medium-sized and large-scaled family or industrialized farms.

Consequently, because farms within the United States range from both exceedingly small retirement and residential properties to industrialized business holdings producing production sales totaling into the millions it is essential to understand what defines these properties. Thus, according to the United States Department of Agriculture , better known as the USDA (2007), definition a farm is any type of enterprise, which produced and marketed, one-thousand dollars or more agricultural products within duration of a year. In the United States, there exist approximately 2.2 million family owned and operated farms, representative of nearly 96 percent of the total farm community. The USDA (2007) further defines the family farm as “any farm organized as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or family corporation. Moreover, according to Dunckel (2013)…

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