Essay on The Dynamic Of Holden Caulfield

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The Dynamic of Holden Caulfield
People change. It is just the way they are. That is also the case in “The Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger. Holden, the main character, undergoes a huge change that is obvious throughout the novel. Holden goes through a series of unfortunate events as he learns his lessons the hard way. From the beginning to the end, Holden finds motivation, happiness, and realizes that he has to let go of innocence. Holden is certainly a dynamic character based on the way his outlook on life changed throughout the novel.
Holden makes a 180 degree turnaround by the end of the book by finding motivation to succeed in school. By the second page of the book, it can be seen what type of person Holden is. Holden states that, “I forgot to tell you about that. They kicked me out”(Salinger 4). By saying that he “forgot” about school, it shows how much of an afterthought it is for him. At this point, Holden has no regard for school. Even when others are concerned about him, he still shows disregard to it. Although Mr.Spencer was also calling Holden out he was also trying to deliver a message to him that he need to get his responsibilities together. Holden does not respond defiantly, but he thinks that way, “Game my ass. Some game” (Salinger 8). Holden does not want people to give him advice and not even a minute ounce of effort is present. Also when Mr Antolini was explaining to Holden how he was heading towards a fall, he refused to listen and later fled Mr.…

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