The Duty Of The Policy Brokers Essay

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As education is a fundamental human right, it should be given the same essential status as all the essential elements of societies, such as food, water, faith and freedom. Learning supplies students, and adults with the aptitude to analyze, amend, to make choices and to have an overall better life. Education is the only real means of providing the young with skills in analysis and understanding that can stop the generational succession of paucity. Knowledge is the main component in a nation’s desires and plans to improve the lives of its people and to create financial and social progress.

The duty of the policy brokers is to make the words stated in the first paragraph come true through organized, feasible and fair policies in global education (Education for All, 2012). The rationale for this policy brief is to assist those shouldered with creating workable policy to express a vision effectively, to develop and to implement initiatives, and to evaluate a long-range plan. It is also the work of policymakers to create an atmosphere and environment that makes the adaptation of good policy into a school’s proposals and vision that can transform schools and whole nations through the opportunities now available through globalization.

This paper is a recommendation of a procedure for policy formation that reveals key issues that should be addressed in policies. It offers some proposals for plans that can deal with issues that divide, discourage and antagonize people who feel…

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