The Duties Of The Magisterium Essay

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Within Congar’s Meaning of Tradition, the role the Magisterium has in church tradition goes beyond simply making decisions about scripture. According to Congar the Magisterium is a pivotal part of Church tradition because they abide by the apostolic nature of church tradition. Although scripture is not necessary for tradition, passing down scripture and tradition like the church fathers is necessary to maintaining church tradition.

The Catechism outlines the duties of the Magisterium, which is comprised of the responsibility to relay the scriptures to the faithful. The Magisterium chooses which scriptures and traditions are authentic through the Holy Spirit’s inspiration. Through the Holy Spirit’s inspiration the Magisterium is then able to advise the faithful on scripture and church tradition.

Other sources, such as St. John Paul II’s encyclical Veritatis Splendor corroborate the descriptions of the Magisterium provided by the Catechism and Congar. The role of the Magisterium is to lead the faithful by scrutinizing and authenticating new theological approaches to interpreting scripture.

The Magisterium, like the apostolic fathers before them relate the teachings of scripture to the people. The Magisterium is a conduit for which the Word comes from God to the People. Amongst this responsibility, the Magisterium must also authenticate scriptural interpretation in order to protect the faithful from heresies.

This quote agrees with Congar’s description of the role of the…

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