The Dust Bowl Of The Great Plains Of America And Canada Essay examples

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The Dust Bowl also known as the dirty thirties was a very stressful point in America 's history. The economy was in shambles along with severe drought and failure to use dryland farming methods. There are many theories as to why there was so much wind erosion in the great plains of America and Canada. The drought came in three waves the first hitting in 1934, than 1936, and 1939-40. Some people experienced the drought for eight years even. Many people blame farmers for the dust bowl. They blame it on the fact that they deep plowed the virgin topsoil and also converted a lot of grassland to farmland tearing up the grass and leaving dirt. The reason they converted the land was because of the invention of the combine allowed farmers to harvest a lot more crop.

The thing that caused the topsoil to turn to dust was when the farmers got rid of the deep rooted grass that held in moisture and dirt even in times of severe drought. Some even believe that the urbanization of humans and the use of roads caused a lot of the topsoil to get blown by the wind. They thought that the soil wasn 't being packed down when people drove on or walked on it. I think that statement is a little bit true but did nowhere near as much damage as the farming aspect of this whole thing. The farmers wanted to farm more land because they were farming more than ever before at this point. We had a great need for certain crops during the war which the farmers had been producing more than usual for. Then…

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