The During The Roman Era Essay

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Caligula During the Roman era it was a time of innovation, brutality and with a great dynasty flourishing the emperor would take credit for their success. However, not all emperors of Rome were the essence of a great leader, like Augustus, but instead ruled with fear, and corruption. Furthermore, Around 30 AD there was an emperor named Tiberius who was putting the stability of Rome in question; for example, his judging was questionable, he raised taxes, pocked the profits, cut back on festivals and games for the people. The senate and the people of Rome were getting tired of Tiberius and were ready for a new emperor. One man who was gaining a lot of popularity was a General named Germanicus the husband of Augustus’s granddaughter. Germanicus was in Syria with his beloved wife and youngest son, Gaius who was also know was Caligula which means “little boots”. Gaius was given his nickname by his father’s soldiers as his mother would dress him up like a little solider; hence little boots. One night while they were in Syria, the father fell ill then later died and as it turns out he was poisoned by his own soldiers because Tiberius gave the order to have Germanicus killed. Tiberius had him killed because he felt that he could possibly overthrow him as emperor, and Tiberius did not stop there. Once Gaius and his mother returned back to Rome Tiberius had the mother arrested and casted away on an island that she later died on, in addition Tiberius also had the oldest brother…

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