The Dumbest Generation And Meet The Twixters Essay

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In today 's generation it is very evident that we are learning differently and/

or even slower than generations before. Some may say it is because of lack of

knowledge or easy access to new age technology and because of it we are just

simply dumb. Others argue that it is not that we are dumb, but that our generation is

changing, we learn differently and that it is not a lack in ourselves, but a lack in our

education system. This generation is not dumb, it is simply a lack in our education

system and changes in generations. The essays "The Dumbest Generation" and "Meet

the Twixters" both intensely acknowledge the difference in today 's youth with a fact

that new age technology and lacks in different education systems has had a major

influence, though "Meet the Twixters" has a more solidified argument on what it


To make an argument stronger there are different types of strategies used. The

main one is rhetorical strategies which consists of three groups’ Ethos, Pathos, and

Logos. Ethos is a Greek word and closely related to our word, ethical. Ethical simply

means relating to moral principles or the branch of knowledge. Thus, being said an

Ethos strategy is how the author is wording his or her works to seem most appealing

or credible to the reader. Ethos is a way of writing to help the reader perceive the

author in some type of way. Pathos comes from the emotions. The author carefully

intertwines certain emotions from the reader so…

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