Essay on The Duchess As A Victim Of Gender Inequality

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Powering her face, the duchess has been painstakingly enhanced and edited, hiding her inner insecurity and loneliness carefully. In “Power Her Face”, the libretto and costumes show the audiences that the duchess is just a victim of gender inequality in this patriarchal society at her time. Excess indulging and squandering, plus her several failed marriages made the duchess become the public scandal. According to Cowart’s “Women, Sex and Folly: Opera Under the Old Regiment”, conservative publics critics tend to consider female as “fragile sex” living on the edge of sexual infidelity even deviance. As opera was considered a bad place, which encouraged passions of wrong kinds and senses and discouraged a humble devout spirit in the early 20 century, Women acting opera and be acted in opera became the targets of sanctimonious critics, just like the duchess. Public seemed to be more tolerance to male than to female while considering moral issues especially sexual scandals, and society has long taken the view that female sexuality was subordinated to male nationality. When public simply labeled the duchess as slut, they were influenced by the so-called moral standard which is essentially not equal at all. The duchess is innocent in some degrees, and sometimes her thoughts and actions seems not belong to this hackneyed era.

Virtue is masculine; voluptuousness, its polar opposite, is feminine.” ( Opera under the Old Regime). In scene six of the opera, the hotel manager judged “…

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