The Dual Scope Of Myself Essay

782 Words Sep 5th, 2016 4 Pages
From the time that we are born to the person that we are to become allows us to learn and grow through the interactions in the biopsychosocial framework. Stepping back and reflecting on my identity as to who I am, who I have become and who I am becoming illustrates the interconnectivities of the biopsychosocial framework. I believe that without the mind and body along with a spirit, I would not be who I am today. Recollecting on the biological scope of myself, has impacted my life as to how I treat my body and mind. Living and growing up with ill and disabled parents has made it quite a challenge to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. With the history of unknown and known diseases in my family has led me to be more alert of what I put into my body. Furthermore, through the biological forces, health has become more of a priority as I am getting older and losing my father this summer tremendously affected my outlook on how my genetic makeup will be for me in the future. I also believe that the number in which I was born into in my family did influence the way I function in my family and in society. Also, as I am thinking back, the biological force made me realize that I was not different yet it was all in the dynamics of my genetic makeup. Growing up and feeling different from everyone else and not feeling apart of the norm made me feel lost and confused. As a
As I continue on this journey of developing my own world to fit into, the psychological forces definitely…

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