Essay on The Dual Metamorphosis Of Gregor And Grete

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The Dual Metamorphosis of Gregor and Grete The world is not a rational place. This is one of the foundational thoughts of Existentialism. Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis was published in 1915. The short novella is about Gregor Samsa, who buries himself in his work and his family. This family does not respect, appreciate, or acknowledge his sacrifice. Gregor knows that his family has a low opinion of him, and he accepts this as his fate. Gregor works a thank less job to work off his father’s debt to his employers. His father claims he cannot work any longer, and his mother has various medical conditions. His sister is young and has hopes of going to a university. Gregor is spineless a spineless character who allows himself to be used by his family. The family’s interference to Gregor is highlighted when it is discovered that he is transformed into a vermin, and no one in his family actually address the transformation nor do anything to help remedy the situation. They only worry about how it effects them. They complain how life has treated them poorly. No one address the absurdity of the situation. This absurdity is the foundation of Kafka’s work. The Metamorphosis circles around two key existential concepts Gregor’s isolation and Grete’s self-determination. Gregor buries himself in his self-imposed responsibilities; however his sister Grete is motivated by the situation to better her life.
Gregor has isolated himself from the world and his family. When he wakes up he is…

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