The Dryden Resource Awareness Coalition Essay

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A Fractious Debate In 2009, the Dryden Resource Awareness Coalition, or DRAC, was created by Dryden residents in response to the threat of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, in their town. Dryden is a small rural city in upstate New York. In 2010, DRAC members gathered petition signatures from other residents to request that the town board establish a ban on fracking in Dryden. Eventually, their hard work paid off and the ordinance was approved. In 2011, Anschutz Exploration Corporation, a privately-owned company, sued the town of Dryden, hoping to force the town to accept industrial gas drilling. After the New York State Supreme Court ruled in favor of Dryden, the case was then heard by an appellate court but with a new plaintiff, Norse Energy. The court unanimously ruled in favor of Dryden (“The Story of Dryden”). What about fracking is causing such a battle between small towns and large companies? Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is a method of getting natural gas and oil from shale rock underground. During fracking, companies drill down into the earth. Then, a high pressure mixture of water, sand, and chemicals are shot at the rock formations to crack the rock and release the gas inside. Fracking has been around for decades; conventional U.S. gas fields consisted of large areas of natural gas in porous rock formations that did not require aggressive fracking techniques. However, these reserves are not sufficient for the demand of natural gas. New techniques,…

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