The Drum Set : An American Instrument Essay examples

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It is hard to picture the Beatles without Ringo or Led Zeppelin without Bonham. These drummers many not be front and center, but they are the back bone to the band. And without the Drum set these drummers would have never been. Jazz or Rock n Roll or Pop music wouldn’t be the same without the invention and evolution of the drum set. The drum set took over a century to become what it is today. The drum set is an American instrument and through its development it has reflected the way America has developed. The drum set has become the most visible and widely used percussion instrument and a very important instrument in countless genres of music (Fidyk). In the late 1800’s, the most popular bands in the United States were American brass bands. During the Civil War every military unit had its own band and after the war the bands stayed together and continued to play together. The traditional parade style they played before was moved inside. Since most venues were smaller it was harder to fit as many instruments inside, so to make room drummers would experiment with trying to play the Snare Drum cymbals, and Bass Drum together. One drummer could accomplish the job that use to take three people. These techniques also become popular in budget musicals with pit orchestras because they didn’t have to hire as many musicians (Glass). By 1876 “Double drumming” or playing multiple drums at the same time became popular form of drumming. Drummers would stand the bass drum on its side…

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