The Drug Use Of Drugs And Crime Essay

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The drug use extent is rather hard to measure considering you cannot measure private behavior. Like no other crimes the offender and the victim are the same. Data relies on self-reports of using drugs on the population or on information from known offenders. Monitoring the Future (MTF) is a well-known survey of drug use. This survey surveys high school students, college students, and young adults. The important information is the type and level of drug use. The most used drug is alcohol overall with marijuana in second place. Based on the data drug use is not as serious as usual. Illicit drug use is not taking over society just few people use it. Drugs are a problem though because there are still that small percent that use them. When it comes to drugs and crime there is a strong correlation. White in 1990 theorized four models for the relationship between the use of drugs and crime. First, drug use cases criminal activity. Secondly, criminal activity causes drug use. Thirdly, Drug use and criminal activity cause the other. Lastly, these two are simulated with other factors and therefore they cause drug use and crime. Many studies have been done in order to figure out with sequence above is the correct one. The studies show that the relationship is reciprocal. Criminal activity leads one to use drugs and drugs leads one to criminal activity. In the end, neither one of them is the ultimate cause of the other one. Intervention in relation to drug use and crimes related…

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