The Drug Of The Opium Drug Essay

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The first drug law established in the United States, prohibited the use of the drug opium, in any Chinese opium smoking dens. The drug law was said to be enforced so they could cut down on smoking of the endorphin enhancing drug between the white men and women and the Chinese, while inside these opium smoking lounges. The opium drug serves as a comfort drug for man to take to escape the somewhat cruel world they live in. Humans suffer from fatigue, hunger, and many other displeasures this world provides. But the plants grown by nature, help slightly soften the terms humans live with. These plants help a person have a passport from reality, and in this case, this certain passport was opium. The drug opium comes from the Papver Somniferum flower, other known as the Poppy flower. This species of plant is where opium is derived from, people extract the sap from the poppy seed pod and use the sap substance as the drug, opium. In the seventeen century the Chinese discovered the wonders of smoking the opium drug and were the first ones to start the trend of smoking the popular drug out of special pipes made for opium. With this discovery the Chinese opened multiple opium smoking dens, which further spread into the far West of America. The dens spread west when the Chinese migrated to California in search of jobs during the gold rush. Opium smoking was first introduced into the United States by the tens thousands of Chinese men and boys who were imported to help work on the…

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