The Drug Of The Medical Industry Essay

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Working in the medical industry today I have seen many different ways that drugs affect people. Although you never believe that it will happen to you, or someone you know, often times that is exactly where it hits. The person that I chose to interview is a fantastic women that I have known my whole life and is one of those cases where I thought, this would never happen to her. For the purpose of protecting this women’s identity I would like to refer to her as Lisa. As we go throughout her life talking about how Lisa came to be in this position I will talk about her personal background, the drug of choice, how the drug was introduced, the impact of the abuse on her life as well as the history of the abuse until present day.

Personal Background Lisa grew up in a small town where everything that happened was common knowledge she said “the pressure of knowing if I did something bad, that it would get back to my parents kept me out of trouble as a kid.” Her family was large and she was a middle child. She grew up on a farm with six brother and two sisters. Lisa said that her family was very religious and so the thought of going against what she knew was right was never an option. She said that her family would never drink, smoke or even use prescription drugs. “My dad was one of those old tough farmers who “worked through the pain” and never complained about it. You would never know anything was wrong unless that part of his body physically wouldn 't work.” In college Lisa…

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