The Drug Addiction Treatment Act Essay examples

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The Drug Addiction Treatment Act was signed into law in October of 2000 (NEGM). This act allows for schedule III, IV, and V narcotics to be used in the treatment of opioid detoxification or maintenance treatment to prevent relapse. The Drug Addiction Treatment Act permits physicians to provide treatment in their offices rather than sending patients to treatment programs. For these doctors to treat narcotic-use related disorders, physicians must participate in eight hours of training, obtain a federal waiver agreeing to obey the Controlled Substances Act, and treat no more than 30 patients seeking this kind of treatment at one time. However, in 2015 the Treat Act was introduced to expand on the Drug Addiction Treatment Act. Its purpose is to address “opioid misuse, overdose and addiction.” The Treat Act centers around five approaches that are all considered essential and ineffective without the inclusion of all components. The five strategies include:
(1) Improving access to treatment for those with opioid addiction, including medication assisted treatment
(2) Expanding availability of naloxone in health care settings and beyond
(3) Implementing enhanced prescription drug monitoring programs that track the dispensing and prescribing of controlled substances
(4) Raising the level of opioid prescriber education
(5) Enacting the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act as passed by the Senate and introduced in the House Included in the plan for improving access to…

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