The Dropout Rate Is The Driving Force Behind The United States

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The dropout rate is the driving force behind the increase in prison population within the United States. It also has an effect on the economic competitiveness of the country. Every American pays a cost when a young person leaves school without a diploma. According to Hirschfield, activist and vice president of the National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership (2009) “The U.S. ranks 18th in high school graduation rates among developed countries, and workers with more than a high school diploma is expected to increase by 4 percent through 2020” (Hirschfield, 2009). According to research the cost to take care of a high school dropout over a lifetime amounts to over 250,000. This includes the cost of lost revenue because dropouts on average earn less than high school graduates. Most dropouts are utilizing state resources such as food stamps, housing, medical, and imprisonment for those who choose a life of criminal behavior. (Neely & Griffin-Williams, 2013) Subsequently, it is important to note that over 40% of inmates in state and federal prison have not obtained there high school diploma. Society could save $209,000 in prison and other cost for every potential dropout that could be helped to complete high school” (Hirschfield, 2009).
Policy makers have been concerned with juvenile crime and its effect on society. It is necessary for law officials to understand juvenile crime as an education problem because most of the crimes are occurring during the day by juvenile…

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