The Dropout Rate Is Our Problem Essay

1861 Words Dec 3rd, 2014 8 Pages
The Dropout Rate is Our Problem The focus of high schools, communities and the government is becoming how to keep students from dropping out. First why the students are deciding to drop out needs to be examined and addressed. The student’s home life should be included when investigating why students leave high school before graduation. Economic status and race are very influential factors that can cause a student to leave school because lower economic status or minorities are more likely to drop out. Dropouts tend to live in environments that have violence, health or schooling issues. Education should be important to all students because education can lead to a better career in the future. Dropping out of high school has consequences that many students are not aware of, such as being denied for jobs, being pressured into joining gangs and sinking into depression. Instead of ensuring that students are aware of the risk, teachers and counselors do not intervene in every student’s educational journey but allow students to make bad decisions. Although the high school dropout rate is high in the United States, once the reasons students drop out is assessed, programs can be implemented to build better relationships between the administration and the students. Over one million American high school students drop out of school every year (Bloomfield, 25). If teachers decided to engage the students in the classroom with their curriculum then the chances of students that are at risk…

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