Essay about The Driving Of Fuel Powered Cars

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Gasoline-powered cars have been around for over 100 years, and have changed the lives of humanity on many levels. Since it’s creation, hundreds of thousands of jobs were conceived and transportation that helped connect more of the world in a way that boats couldn’t. People like Karl Benz and Henry Ford revolutionized the automobile and changed how people travel to this day. Before the days of Bluetooth Radio, automatic parking systems and self-driven cars, there was the three-wheeled Motor Car (Cox) and the Model T (MadeHow), the first in a long line of inovative ideas in automotive manufacturing.
Transportation has been a necessity in society since the stone age. First humans walked, then wheeled carts, followed by horses, boats, carriages, railway locomotives, and eventually cars and planes (Wiki1). However, not everyone could afford caring for horses or even purchase carriages, which meant that walking was the only option people had for in-town transportation. This also applied in war, where horses and carriages were used to transport supplies rather than transport soldiers. Once soldiers were on land, if they needed to travel hundreds of miles they had to go on foot. (Davis)
Due to the enhancements in transportation, humanity has been able to do many things, such as transporting supplies between cities and exploring new lands faster than walking could. Without these enhancements in transportation, humanity would have taken longer to evolve and we would probably be a lot…

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