The Driving Forces That Differentiates The Lifestyle Of Piraha And Westerners

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One of the driving forces that differentiates the lifestyle of Piraha and westerners, is that, both cultures enforce different ideas of success. The Piraha take life lightly, live in the moment, and have no hierarchal system—consequently leading them to strive for overall happiness and pleasure. Westerners on the other hand, plan for the future, work long hours to make money, and self-define their worth on a class system—driving them to achieve wealth and material possession. With both cultures having different ideals of what success is, it comes to question: How do we define and measure success, and, which culture has the more accurate idea of success? Having been raised in a culture that defines success as achieving financial greatness, and associating wealth with happiness, I’ve brought it onto myself to go to lengths to achieve this ideal. However, as expressed by Piraha lifestyle one doesn’t have to be well-off financially to be happy or even be successful, rather, it is more of value to be content with oneself and live life at its best every day.
In “Don’t Sleep, There are Snakes” by Daniel Everett, one of the first observations Everett makes is noticing how happy the Piraha are. As Everett notes, “the most striking thing I remember about seeing the Pirahas for the first time was how happy everybody seemed” (Everett 6). The Piraha eternal happiness and warmth speak to their laidback culture and lifestyle. The Piraha take life lightly, and are able to brush off…

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