The Driving Experience Pleasurable? Essay

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Road Rage

Is your driving experience pleasurable? Or do you dread taking to the road? Either way at some point you must get frustrated with other drivers. Everyone does. Be it lack of use of indicators or individuals who are always in a hurry, have no lane discipline and no contemplation of speed limits? If we stop the negative attitudes to driving and produce disciplined drivers we can make driving more enjoyable, and stop delinquent driving. We can finally enjoy our time free of annoyance or antagonism.

The lack of order and courtesy on our roads is breeding a generation of aggressive, inconsiderate motorists; they don’t have any respect for other drivers, and expect us to know where they are going. The longer this goes on the worse it is getting. A simple flick of a switch can save a whole load of aggression and - potential - long term health concerns. If the use of indicators was made compulsory, by law, many lives would be saved - and many commutes would be made, slightly, less bitter.

The anger caused by irresponsible driving has a detrimental effect on your health; especially as anger-prone individuals are the most at risk. So why don’t we do something about this and take our manners into consideration? If we let this rude, selfish behaviour carry on it can procure serious health concerns. The problems come from our bodies’ reaction to stress (or anger) - as a rush of adrenaline, a hormone, is pumped through your blood (this rush increases your blood pressure) and…

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