Essay on The Driving Car Is A Big Project

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The self-driving car is a big project and many companies are working on it, such as Google and Apple. Not Many people are aware the driver less car; it means self- driving a car which can also be called as an automatic car. These cars are designed to be driven without the human operators. Apple is working on developing the car’s technology but Google is ahead of them. Moreover, in the Google car, driver sets the destination the car has software that calculates the route. Also the car has 3-maps, rotating, roof-mounted LIDAR, and AI software, which is going to help control the car system more efficiently. The 3-maps software will serve as the traffic lights and signs. Overall, the self-driving car will help the traffic. It is beneficial for those people don’t like drive, and regarding security concerns the car software will never get hacked.
Background History The idea of self-driving car came across in the 1960s; this project was established by Dr. Robert L. Cosgrif Geddes got his Master’s degree in robotics and got interested in the driver-less car, he built the engine back in 1996’s. In 2010, the Google Company announced the manufacture and to test these cars on the roads. Google tested the driver-less car on the public road and it has been approved in few U.S states such as Nevadao, Florida, and California. The Google project team has described how the Google’s driver-less car would be in future. For example, the car will have Lidar it will help to scan…

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