The Drive Was Beautiful - Original Writing Essay

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The drive was beautiful. The air was different; It seemed fresher, and it seemed a little more peaceful in V.A. My mom, dad (Ivan Martinez), me and my brothers Jay and Rob all went down to V.A to visit my aunt Janice and cousin Nadine and check the place out. It was fantastic being out of New York and being down south. I had so much fun playing with my cousin Nadine, eating "good food" and having a yard to play in. We stayed in V.A for about a week or maybe two. We didn 't stay too long though, because my grandmother was really sick. She had Cancer. My mom had received a call while we were visiting down south about my grandmother 's status. My mother was told that my grandmother would probably transition soon. The night my mother received that call, she sat me and my brothers down and told us that grandma was not doing too well and we would be heading back up north in the morning. I cried so bad. Hearing this was very disheartening.

That night, I had a dream that my grandmother transitioned. In the dream she was laying on the floor and I was in her house talking to her. I remember thinking in my dream “why is grandma laying on the floor?” My grandmother and I talked for a short while in the dream. She communicated what was about to happen to her so we said our goodbyes in the dream and after we said goodbye she transitioned. When I woke up early in the morning, I was informed that my grandmother had died last night. She had transitioned and became an ancestor.…

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