The Drive Home From Children 's Hospital Essay

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The drive home from Children’s Hospital was the worst. It was a rainy day about thirteen or fourteen years ago, my mother was sobbing talking on the phone with my father. That was the day I was diagnosed with Autoimmune hearing loss in my right ear. To this day I can still remember that drive in the rain, seeing the old cookie cutter Busch Stadium and asking my mom what was wrong in an effort not to cry. Having autoimmune hearing loss has led to me developing my work ethic, me being in constant fear of losing the rest of my hearing, and me not being allowed to play the sports I have wanted to play.

Being deaf in my right ear has helped me develop my work ethic. As a result of being partially deaf, learning how to play baseball was always a challenge. When I was younger, I would always take baseball camps at my high school, listening was always a problem, I would often be confused and not know what was going on. Consequently, I was embarrassed to ask questions. As I got older I learned that I always had to do the drills they taught. For Christmas one year I received a bounce back net, so every day I would take a bucket of baseballs and I would work on every baseball drill I knew, no matter how hot it was. Sometimes I would not stop practicing until I had correctly fielded 30 ground balls, eventually I got better and as I got older I realized that asking questions and taking notes on what my coach talked about helped, so I did that. Additionally, I occasionally took video of…

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