Essay about The Drive For The Future

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Drive for the Future I never knew how many drives for motivation there was and how some even have a negative effect of people. Daniel Pink describes Motivation 3.0 as giving people the opportunity to extend their creativity so that it increases the way they perform. Motivation 3.0 will come into my future career since I know how to incorporate it so that it benefits me in the future. I am aware on how some job forces do still use the carrot and sticks method, but I know that I can use what I have learned from Daniel Pink and use it to benefit both myself and whatever it is I work for. Pink also explains how well Motivation 3.0 fits into the new century and how outdated Motivation 2.0 is. I agree that it is necessary to build around Motivation 3.0, a point that needs emphasizing since so many believe that “carrots and sticks” is effective when it only brings both work forces and employees down. I urge that Motivation 3.0 be used since it does engage everyone 's ability to, not outperform others, but outperform themselves and have that satisfaction that will make them continue to do better. I do see myself implying the three elements of Type I. I myself like to be self directed to able to use my creativity so I could master my profession and have a better purpose than just having a routine enforced job. Autonomy, mastery, and purpose already takes place in my everyday motivation. It just needs to be further enforced into my work ethics. Of course there is many…

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