The Drive For Self Actualization Essay

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The Drive for Self-Actualization
The drive for self-actualization is a complicated and multifaceted trait that embraces the potentialities of an individual and seeks to transcend the bondage of a mundane life. Self-actualization is a lifelong process that requires personal and psychological growth in order to be fully realized. Given proper circumstances and an understanding of the value and uniqueness of each human’s experience, self-actualization can be an empowering, existential, and enlightening lifelong journey. The purpose of this paper is to analyze theoretical and empirical literature in order to explain and define the constituents of self-actualization, how it is manifested, its advantages and disadvantages, and my own personal experience with the trait.
Trait Definitions
Self-actualization is the most sophisticated need of the human experience and has a significant impact on the self-actualized persons’ awareness and perception of reality (Maslow, 1970, pg. 153). Self-actualization is a trait that is realized by seeking to acquire the highest level of human needs, which includes finding meaning and satisfaction in one’s life (Olson 2013). The drive for self-actualization is the aspiration to achieve the ideal self, as well as a rich and meaningful life. These aspirations are easily recognized within the self-actualized person when they possess certain characteristics. According to Goldman & Ozak (1976),
“Self-actualization refers to an organism 's drive to…

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