The Drinking Age Should Be Twenty Essay

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Vivian Jones, the author of “Underage Drinking”; questions the drinking age limit, and wants to decrease the age limit for consuming alcohol from twenty-one to eighteen. Firstly, Jones defines underage drinking as a danger to young adults and teenagers that are developing. Secondly, Jones states that raising the age limit for drinking is a controversial topic in society. Thirdly, Jones acknowledges that drinking underage is banned and as a result the young adolescents are more allured to drink alcohol and rebel. The author also states that more younger Americans are drinking in excess with comparison to the UK. Then, Jones also states that raising the drinking age will not stop the violence and crime, it would only help slightly. Finally, Jones states that underage drinking is a major issue in today’s society. I disagree with the author, the drinking age should be twenty-one because it would first reduce crime, second it will prevent death and finally it would decrease medical problems.

The age limit for drinking should be twenty-one because it would have the benefits of reducing crime. Some people who are drinking are heavily influenced by alcohol to make bad and dangerous choices which might not be logical at the time, but as a result will be an act of crime. For example, According to the National Council On Alcoholism And Drug Dependence INC. (NCADD), “Alcohol is a factor in 40% of all violent crimes today, and according to the Department of Justice, 37% of almost 2…

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