Essay about The Drinking Age Should Be Lowered

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We all know someone or have an idea of a person who has drank alcohol under the legal age of 21. Some underage people drink to be cool at a party while others drink because they want to forget something. Others drink because they want to be a rebel and drink underage. Many people drink underage and they all have a reason why they do it. The drinking age should be lowered to 19 because there is research that proves that lowering it would be helpful to many different groups of people.
The drinking age should be lowered to 19 because if you drink responsibly it is actually good for you. Research shows that the brain continually develops, and that alcohol in moderation can actually maintain a well-functioning brain into old age(Legal Drinking Age Should Change to 19). This research means that a moderate amount of alcohol is actually good for the brain. With this research we could use it to get teenagers to drink responsibly when they get of age. While there is this research some would say that your brain is not fully developed and that the drinking age should stay at 21. They are wrong because the research shows that drinking moderately is good for you.
There are some people that believe the drinking age should stay at 21 because 21 year olds are more mature than people who are younger than them. This is untrue because the Maturity of a person doesn 't come from age it comes from experiences that person has went through. If a person who is allowed to drink alcohol at 19 they…

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