Helen In The Aeneid Analysis

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Through out the course of time woman have been said to be weak minded when is comes to ruling, because they are ruled by their emotions and most of all passion and love. Woman have been said to be the source to many of our problems During the reading of The lliad, The Odyssey, and The Aeneid the woman that have "caused the problems" were being told to do so by gods and goddesses. For Example in the lliad Helen was the "problem woman" in this story, however she never left Troy because Aphrodite/ Venus told her not to leave. This created more problems in the story because as we see in the Aeneid, Aeneas sees Helen and want to kill her because she caused the ten year war and then let the Greeks into Troy, who then slaughtered all the men …show more content…
This example of Juno is shown in both The lliad and The Aeneid, Juno has been againt Troy since Paris choose Venus over her in a beauty contest. This example in a way shows that woman are ruled by their emotions. Dido is a great example of a powerful woman, but is sadly labled as a woman who was ruled by her emotions as well. All of Dido`s great accomplishments are over shaddowed by the extensive meaures she went to when Aeneas left her. Dido was a very powerful woman during her time, she was running Carthage on her own after her huband had died and during her rule Carthage was not poor or in need of an army. Carthage was powerful and were willing to help Aeneas in any way he needed, Dido provided Aeneas with many supplies. However you only get to see small pieces of how powerful her city was while under her rule, because how dare a Queen be more powerful than those surrounding her. Dido is consumed with a passionate love of Aeneas this becomes her downfall causing her to lose all the since she had. Dido`s love for Aeneas was the fire that lit her pyre. Later in the Aeneid we see a Queen named Amata who is used by Juno and a fury named Allecto to cause havoc in her kingdom along wit her other mothers joined her. This was all caused because Aeneas is prophesied to marry Amatas daughter but Amata is very smitten with a man named Turnus. Their are many examples of how woman have gone mad and do things irrationally, but in these same stories we see the importance of woman Achilles and Aeneas both go to their mothers in a time of need. Achilles cried to his mother asking for her help an of course as a mother of a powerful son she helped him in any way she could. Aeneas` mother was Venus who is a powerful goddess that go her son armor by seducing Vulcan. Now if these

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