The Dred Scott Decision On The Civil War Essay

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Leading up to the United States ' Civil War in 1861, many events involving Abraham Lincoln occurred triggering the divided nature the states were bound to endure. Some of these events discussed in Eric Foner’s Fiery Trial include the Dred Scott Decision in March of 1857, Lincoln 's House Divided Speech, the series of seven debates between Stephen A. Douglass and Abraham Lincoln, the 1860 presidential election, all of which culminated in the Battle of Fort Sumter in 1861. One of the main issues that gave rise to all of these events and ultimately led to the Civil War is found in the antagonistic systems of free and slave labor. Lincoln seems to go through a wave of different thoughts regarding slavery that started out with relatively private ideas about slavery and transitioned into an anti-slavery mindset. It was ultimately Abraham Lincoln 's contradictory opinions and strategies about slavery that not only symbolized the same separation in the free and slave states, but also caused the Civil War.
The Dred Scott decision came down from the Supreme Court, and it created a huge upheaval throughout the entire country. This decision ended up dividing the country even more so than before on the issue of slavery. After a seven to two vote, the Supreme Court found the plaintiff—Dred Scott, a slave from Missouri—could not be viewed as a citizen of the United States under the constitution of the United States. Scott’s owner moved to Wisconsin, a free state, with Scott as a slave…

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