The Dream Of The Rood Essay

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In literature, we can find different thoughts that are brought to our attention and may touch our hearts as we read it. When I read literature, I find a personal connection within it and it makes me want to read more. An Old English Poem, “The Dream of the Rood” by an unknown author, translated by E.T Donaldson is a unique poem where the narrator tells his vision from a dream he received on the crucifixion of Christ and the view from the cross perspective. The beauty of this poem goes beyond expectation because it includes literacy techniques, heroic elements and personal connection of religious values.
In “The Dream of the Rood” it starts with the vison of the dreamer which establishes the structure of the remainder of the poem. In his dream, the unknown poet approaches a beautiful tree and he sees the cross being raised up and is well decorated with gold and gems but there is blood on the side of the tree. The rood tells the poet about its own story based on how it was forced to be the instrument of Christ’s death. The cross reminiscences about its experience of the crucifixion of Christ and how it was cut down and states its emotions when it realized that it would be the rood where Christ was crucified. The rood has suffered nail wounds, pain, spear thrusts and insults alongside with Christ. Even with all the pain the rood and Jesus Christ went through, this was all done to fulfill God’s will. The cross was seen before as a bloody and horrible sense but is now the sign…

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