Essay on The Dream Of The American Dream

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In an American society, there is an idea of dream. Dream is the thing which every one of us need to have. It is our vision. Dream is that what you want to do in future to achieve success in your life. The dream is mainly dependent on settings of one lives and one’s social status. For example, Thomas Jefferson. His American Dream, was to make people free from the British and to be treated equally. Martin Luther King, gave a dream speech call freedom, but mostly for the African American who like himself. Everyone has American Dream, Americans as well as the people who migrated from different countries to the United States. However, different people have different perspective on American Dream, because dream varies from people to people. We see Steve Jobs and Barack Obama in which way they pursue the excellence and chased the success. They are the best example of achieving success which leads to American Dream. The American fashion is the American Dream, which means nothing is impossible (Diane Von Furstenberg 2012). American dream is somewhat different, but they all relate to times that they live in. Moreover, the definition of American Dream is what the people wants to attain in their life and this definition varies from people to people. Today, numerous people immigrated to America in search of opportunities, freedom, and dream and to achieve the goals in life that they could not achieve in their homeland. For me American Dream is life,…

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