The Dream Is For Romantics And Lovers Essay

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This dream is for romantics and lovers. Certainly the dream isn’t the sum of the colorful patterns of Hawaiian shirts, coconut bras and grass skirts alone. It’s not in the Pina Colada, or the Surfer on Acid. The boutiques of Waikiki teeming with Japanese tourists, those we can ignore all together, laugh at their circumstance. The accoutrements of hustle and bustle such as these have all been and will continue to be part of the Great Marketing image of a Paradise, and everyday life grows like fruit bearing vines in the cracks of the pavement; an American, homogenized culture sitting heavy like cheap fried food in the belly. But the dream-selling developers and real estate agents can sense it. The Hawaiian Dream is here (In the 80s, mostly, so was the real estate money).

It overwhelms you, and you’re left to ask, how did this place come to be? How is it that some volcano in the middle of the Pacific ocean exploded in this exact spot? How did the birds survive, how did the soil get ground down from the spiky lava? How did the plants grow? This is paradise on Earth. This is the Hawaiian Dream.

Hot damn, talk about freak volcanic eruptions and even freakier ornithological survival rates.
Sitting on a jet plane to Waikiki, you read about Cook’s first impressions of Hawai’i, discovered tracking the course of Venus, goddess of love while working as a surveyor for the Royal Navy: “On the first day of December [1778] ... he recognized that he was raising the greatest of all the…

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