The Dream Expectations By Sigmund Freud Essay

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Most people have awakened from a euphoric dream and have tried to fall back asleep to continue the dream. Others are awoken as they jerk themselves awake from a nightmare. Patients with PTSD often claim to have relived traumatic events through their dreams. People are constantly reading books and websites that claim to interpret their dreams because it continues to fascinate the reader. The first dream analysts argued that dreams were meant to tell the future. Sigmund Freud disagreed, however, and believed that dreams were a lens into an individual’s past. His psychoanalytic background set the foundation for other theorists to build on or away from. Freud’s primary belief about dreams was that they were used as symbols to reveal what lies in the unconscious, and that these symbols were universal. Freud, however, did receive criticism based on his comparison to an individual’s sexuality. He acknowledged that dreams carried weight with individuals, which led to the term “real dream,” defining the real dream as unique characteristics, expressions, and figuration that are developed during the state of sleep but analyzed during the wake state (Marder, 2013 p 198). Real dreams derive from the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind. Dreams are meant to protect and guard the psyche, which explains why Freud divides the conscious and unconscious minds into three separate parts. Freud developed the terms Id, Ego, and Superego to explain the desires and decision-making…

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