The Dream Act 5 Practiced Civil Disobedience Essay

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A group of students known as the Dream Act 5 practiced civil disobedience by staging a sit in inside senator McCain’s office in Tucson, Arizona in May 7, 2010. Three of the students remind me of Thoreau when he got arrested for defying the government laws for not paying his poll tax, but instead these students were switching to civil disobedience to support other students brought to the United States illegally. Henry Thoreau thought that people should live under what they believed in and not by the government rules. Like these dreamers believe that this is also a home of opportunity where they can continue with a college education. According to William Perez, The DREAMers are children of illegal immigrants. These are the children that were taken from their homes and brought to America for a better life, only to be restricted by the good intentions of their parents when it comes time for college. As an illustration, the Dream Act which is bipartisan legislation first initiated in Congress in 2001. This bill is known formally as Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors, it has been reestablished many times, including in 2010 but failed to pass. The purpose of this bill is to create a pathway to citizenship for undocumented children who grew up in the United States. Many congressional leaders have glanced this Act many times; however it never made it to the floor.
I believe that the DREAMers should have the right to be legally in this country, since most of them are…

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