Essay on The Drama Of Trifles By William Shakespeare

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Many women each year are abused either physically or mentally by their spouse who they have promised to spend eternity with. Many of those women also snap because the absue becomes too much and sometimes enough is just enough. In the drama of Trifles we enter in onto a scene of a disturbed woman who is greeted by the sheriff. No movement in the house, no sound, just her sitting in her rocking chair and I imagine looking the part of a woman who has gone mad. The house is a mess, there 's no smells of a hot meal and her husband seems to have vanished. When asked where her husband is she simply says, "He 's dead." The sheriff goes upstairs to check and finds out that she is telling the truth.
But what could drive someone to kill the person they love the most? Through the investigation, the authority 's wives find signs of what happened. An unfinished quilt, a broken bird cage, and a dead canary bird, and house that has seen everything. These objects tell the real story of what happened of a woman locked in a house with enoough space for a garden. Taken away from friends and family and away from everything she loves. Take away her music that brings her peace and joy and fill it with silence. Take away proximity and fill it with distance. No children, no romantic outings. Just days and months and years of being miserable and unhappy. No loving arms and tender kisses. All work and no play. She took care of a man who had no intentions of really loving her, but a bride must be…

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