The Downfall Of Julius Caesar Essay

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Julius Caesar assassination was so astounded that the people of Rome wanted vengeance over his killers. By the time of the Caesar, Rome had long-established the Republic government headed by two consuls with mutual powers. A special temporary office, called the dictatorship, was established for use only during times of war. Minutes before Julius’s assassination, Brutus one of his closest peers surprised Julius with a fatal blow in the neck followed by countless jabs by the loyal Senate of Rome. However, Julius Caesar was more than a piece of an assassination plot, he was a dictator, politician and a military commander. As a dictator he established absolute rule over the government and the people. As politician he was elected consul, he passed laws that favored the people interest such as cancelling tax demands of farmers. As military commander, he conquered large amounts of land in France and Egypt. His death marks a significant moment in the history of Rome that began the transition from a Roman Republic to the Roman Empire. Julius Caesar was assassinated because he was wielding much power and moving threat to become the absolute dictator of Rome.
The Roman Empire at the time of Julius Caesar was governed by an oligarchy. Basically only the wealthiest and who had the most connections was appointed to the senate. When it came to running for office any freeborn Roman could run for a political position, but the oligarchy made sure men (Syme 11). Over the years the oligarchy…

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