Roger Lord Of The Flies Character Analysis Essay

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“Do you ever look at someone and wonder what is going on inside their head?” (Inside Out, 2015). I do, but in the case of Roger, I don’t want to. In the novel Lord of the Flies, authored by William Golding, an evacuation from Great Britain causes a numerous amount of boys to end up stranded on an island. The desolate and unforgiving island tests the civility within each boy, bringing them closer and closer to pure chaos with every passing day. Chipping away at the civility that binds each child to the outside world, the island brings out the worst in each child. Of all the boys, Roger faced the greatest moral decline. Ultimately, the combination of the savage atmosphere of the island and Rodger’s malevolent nature led to the downfall of civility on the island. …show more content…
Filling this role in Jack’s tribe, Roger deterred the rebellious children from stopping Jack and killed those who went against him; He acted as Jack’s right-hand man. As seen earlier in the book, Roger gained thrill and excitement from the torment of others, and that only escalated as the novel went on. With no thought at all, Roger released the infamous boulder on to Piggy, killing the last bit of innocence on the island. At this point, the extent of Roger’s capabilities and ruthlessness sunk into the boys. They now feared him.“Roger looked at [Jack] gravely… The hangman's horror clung round him.” (Golding, pdf 142). Roger used this new authority over the island and controlled how the boys acted based on his power. In a sense, Roger acquired more power than Jack and played a greater role in decision making than all the boys combined. Roger not only killed Piggy, but he also leads a premeditated murder of Ralph. His actions went beyond breaking his tie to civility and showed just how malevolent and disconnect Roger had become, taking the rest of the boys down with

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