The Downfall Of American Democracy Essays

1787 Words Sep 13th, 2016 8 Pages
If it is true that tragedies come in threes, then the death of American democracy is surely inevitable. The trio is affecting this nation is evangelical, paternalistic and sentimental nihilism; a toxic combination of institutionalized practices and behaviors that perpetuate systemic racism and imperialism. The threads of nihilism were woven into the fabric of America since the values of the nation were conceived in the Constitution. The architects of this paramount document set a precedence for faulty democratic tradition as they struggled to consolidate the assertion that “all men are created equal” while simultaneously deeming slaves to be worth three-fifths of a person. Much like the slaveholding land capitalists, America’s contemporary leadership elite maintains power by actively encouraging one or more of these insidious values. Nihilism has existed in American life since the adoption of democracy, and citizens from all classes have been served a conscious numbing brew of anti-intellectualism and cynicism. The downfall of American democracy is accredited to the evangelical, paternalistic and sentimental nihilism that allows the nation’s racist and imperial roots to thrive. Evangelism is based on notions of infallibility and believers of the faith use their zealous personal conversion skills for the purpose of advocating the doctrines of the religion. The end goal is to recruit as many people as possible by propagating the religious agenda relentlessly, and to present…

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