The Dove Campaign For Real Beauty Essay

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The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty is the product of a chain reaction that started with a global study that came out in September about women and beauty. The Real Truth About Beauty: A Global Report came to the conclusion “that the definition of beauty had become limiting and unattainable” and that “only 2% of women around the world would describe themselves as beautiful,” (yellow). In response to this global study Dove launched their Campaign for Real Beauty in September 2004 with what is known today as the “tick box” billboards, “which debuted in Canada and spread across the United States and United Kingdom,” (green). The billboards presented real women with appearances outside of the stereotypical norm with “two tick-box options next to them such as ‘fat or fit?’ and ‘grey or gorgeous?’”(green). When people drove past they could cast their vote at This campaign was the first time the public got the chance to vote on what they perceived as beauty. With the two different choices it requires the viewer to see the women in a different light then how they originally viewed the women. The success of this billboard is easily seen when it “led 1.5 million visitors to its website,” (green). Although the message that Dove is trying to convey is a good message that is inspiring women of all ages, but many are questioning the motives behind the campaign because of where it is coming from. Dove’s owner, Unilever, is “the parent company of Slimfast, Axe, and…

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