The Doubt Of Mr Hale Essay

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The doubt’s of Mr. Hale are never made completely clear. Mr. Hale’s decision to leave the church is said to be due to “painful, miserable doubts” (35)2 concerning church doctrine constitutes. While religion is heavily discussed in the novel, Mr. Hale avoids confronting the issue or directly challenge an authority figure that explicitly tells the reader why he has resigned. As a clergyman he is not questioning the spiritual aspect of god but he seems to be questioning the authoritative aspect of church. He says that he has no “doubts as to religion; not the slightest injury to that” (Gaskell 35). Mr. Hale is unaccepted in Helstone, a place where little industrialization has taken place, and it is unacceptable to not go to church. On the other hand, the town of Milton-Northern is industrialized and filled with a working class population. The citizen’s of Milton-Northern bear the burden of living in a town where they are forced to face the harships of reality. Nicholas Higgins, demonstrates this when he speaks to Mr. Hale about the death of his daughter. Higgins has experienced true hardship and explains how this has affected his true feelings about life by saying “I reckon yo’d not ha’ much belief in yo’ if yo’ lived here, — if yo’d been bred here” (Gaskell 222) This is a distinction between North and South that Gaskell wants to make clear. The citizens of the south have had the privilege to intellectualize the question about god while those in the north simply do not have…

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