The, Double Crossed Parallel Lines Essay

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The hashtag, double crossed parallel lines, has been on keyboards and used as a symbol to represent numbers for many years before becoming a phenomenon in the world of social media. Creator, Chris Messia was the first recorded person to use the “hashtag” on Twitter in 2007.
Almost two years later, Twitter has incorporated hashtags into their app. As a result of hashtag popularity Twitter introduced “trending topics” which displayed the most recent and popular hashtags. Now eight years on, media audiences can also hashtag on sites and apps such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Tumblr.
A hashtag is a simple way for people using social media to search for a tweet on Twitter or a photo on Instagram. Gigi Hadid is a world famous supermodel. When searching using the hashtag #gigihadid 132,929 photos appear referring to her. Pictures that appear are pictures of her or people who hashtag her name on their own personal photos as shown in figure 1.1.
The intended audience for hashtags is social media users. People using Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter. Using hashtags on social media enables other users connect with each other and see what others are posting which could be similar and different.
Facebook and Instagram introduced hashtags on their social media sites in order to make it easier for media audiences to search for a specific post or photo. The results for the hashtag on Facebook #seeyouinsydney displays posts referring to netball and the netball world cup…

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