The Door Slammed, The Car Doors And The Back Loading Door Essay

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Dad closed the car doors and the back loading door, slam, slam, wham then dusted off his hands, looked straight up the face of the nearly vertical ski lift to where he knew the trailhead began, then looked at us and at the pile of stuff. "Are you guys sure you have enough supplies for a week?"

"Yes, pretty sure."

"Okay, have fun, be careful and don 't accidentally shoot the dog."

Crap! He knew we had the guns. I thought I 'd stashed them well enough that he wouldn 't see them. Maybe he was guessing, seeing if I 'd self-incriminate.

"Okay, we 'll be careful and have fun," I replied, careful to avoid the bait.

He gave me a hard look, shook his head, climbed in the car and then looked over his shoulder at us standing there with enough stuff to start an Army Surplus Store. The door slammed, the engine started, and he called out, "See you here in a week," then waved from the open window as he drove off.
"Bye," we mumbled in unison. Gulp.

The car disappeared in a dust storm of its own creation and the visible world seemed to expand, the mountain grew higher, the pile of stuff to be shifted to the top appeared bigger and heavier, and I 'd never felt smaller and less adequate. The strangely mute crows that sat in the tree watched us with curiosity. The dog grumbled in his sleep, dreaming about whatever dogs dream about before they enter the unknown in the company of their ignorant owner.

Last year I had been here with Frank, two of his boys and Dad, but honestly, I hadn 't…

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